Friend of the pod Elsbeth pops by to talk over stepping your boundaries as a waitress, receptionists blasting Alex Jones, a dead grandma's lasagna, su...View Details

New Year, same guests. Hoffman joins me to talk about Jewish neighbors, whether or not to slide into DMs, never print anything at Staples, doorbell ca...View Details

Crossover with Nick and Austin from the Did Somebody Say Movies? podcast! We talk Christmas movie lines, dating your step sibling, Service Ontario/Can...View Details

We did the math... this is Hoffman's 12th episode! At this point he pays us to come on. We get into real dolls, Robin's blue/green text adventure, peo...View Details

This week we talk Oxford banning clapping, Chad the Dad calls in with fatherly advice, a woman sets up her own personal Bachelor, a sex strike leads t...View Details

Yikes. Big ooph. Feel free to skip this one, cause it falls off the rails ASAP. We got Hoffman in time for Robin's going away special! I met a ton of ...View Details

It's Fall y'all, and Guled Abdi (TallBoyz, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC and CBC Gem) stops by to talk TA's sending accidental texts, Gorjan's blocked on ...View Details

We finally get call ins working this week, and test it out with Hoffman and a surprise guest. We talk how to tell if someone is a virgin, how long to ...View Details

Hoffman is in town this week, and he brought his mysterious friend Josh into the Badvice studio with him. We talk all things Jewish, lingerie parties,...View Details

Scott joins us this week before returning back to South Korea to answer some hard hitting advice questions. We talk about sleeping in separate beds, H...View Details

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