Hoffman is back in the studio this week where we tackle too much bathroom etiquette, being stuck in the back seat of a car with quiet talkers, cashier...View Details

We're back after a brief hiatus! All will return to normal soon, but until then join Alice and Iain this week as we talk about peeing yourself at work...View Details

We got Kat back this week to talk handshakes vs. fistbumps, mascots, engineering tests at school, favoring twins, garbage presents and garbage pranks,...View Details

It's a long boy this week, with my long boy Connor. This week we talk about surprises, bird calls, birthday gifts on the cheap, the saddest bingo hall...View Details

That's right, we're switching formats! We're going from weekly to... when I get around to it. So until Robin's back, enjoy some staggered content. We ...View Details

Keeping it short and sweet this week. We talk about troublesome disc jockey's, he brings in a musing from my brother, uncovered coughing, 8th grade bu...View Details

Longest. Episode. Yet. We got Kathryn in the Badvice studio this week where we cover interrupting Amber alerts, deaf relationships, swimming shorts in...View Details

The Russ herself shows up in the studio this week to talk all sorts of things. T-Pain advice, building bowls, Caitlin finds a goldmine of assholes on ...View Details

This podcast has never been more about nothing than this week. We take a look at old family photos, grocery stores, small penis problems, lost fingers...View Details

We take a look at yet another person ruining a concert, signing up your friend for newsletters as a goof, how long do people take to shower, stealing ...View Details

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