I didn't post this before I left for PEI, but that's fine. I still didn't edit it though. Connor comes in this week and becomes a proud republican dad...View Details

Hoffman celebrates Canada with us this week on Badvice. We listen to him read a magazine for ten minutes, brothers that are dating, jerking it to cart...View Details

Connor Reeves joins the podcast this week to talk about his first time getting high, what dog is on the 100 dollar dog bill, kissing your brother, inh...View Details

Badvice Episode 56: XD

It's a spicy episode this week. We talk praying in the bathroom, forbidden love, dying moms, toe ticklers, toothless lovers, schedule gatekeepers, bad...View Details

Thinks are getting back to normal at the Badvice studio. This week we cover basKITS, having babies, cooking in the dark heightens your senses, Masterc...View Details

What a week! Robin is back, albeit for a brief amount of time, so we'll squeeze all the funny out of her before she leaves us again. We're experimenti...View Details

With Robin back next week, we have a boys sendoff with Connor and Matt. We tackle swimming trunks, opening mail, having sex with others to save the ma...View Details

Hoffman is back in the studio this week where we tackle too much bathroom etiquette, being stuck in the back seat of a car with quiet talkers, cashier...View Details

We're back after a brief hiatus! All will return to normal soon, but until then join Alice and Iain this week as we talk about peeing yourself at work...View Details

We got Kat back this week to talk handshakes vs. fistbumps, mascots, engineering tests at school, favoring twins, garbage presents and garbage pranks,...View Details

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